University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
July 1, 2018

Cover 7-1

Scripture Reading
Genesis 1 – The Creation Story
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This week…

Some people may find aspects of the first creation story in the Bible a little surprising.
Notice that there is something that already exists before the story starts – water.
Notice, too, that repeatedly God marvels at the creation (such as at the end of verse 10).
Notice how the world is created with purpose and majesty.
Lastly, note that this is just one story about creation that the Bible gives us;
Genesis 2Psalm 8, Proverbs 8 all present other views.
This helps remind us that the Bible is not a science book,
but a wonderful collection of tales about God’s activity through history, and love for all creation

How do you experience God present in creation?
How do you experience God present in your own life?

Creator God, we enter into the Season of Creation
with hope that you will show us the myriad ways creation worship you.
The soil under our feet and all that bursts forth from it reveals your love.
Teach us how to rest in solidarity with the web of life that holds us together with you.