University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
June 10, 2018

Cover 6-10-18

Scripture Reading
Psalm 138
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This week…

This week we will celebrate.
We will celebrate the retirement of Paula Ries,
Director of UCUC Preschool for over 20 years.
We will celebrate those who have shared their talents
of Music and Christian Education.
We will celebrate our youngest as they complete
another year of Sunday School
and some get new Bibles as they move up.

But what we celebrate most is God.
Our God who is loyal to us, no matter what we do.
Our God who is there for us the moment we call.
Our God who is never too busy to deal with our somewhat ordinary concerns.
Our God who is with us in times of trial, as well as times of joy.

And so we celebrate.
We celebrate those in our midst.
We celebrate the presence of our amazing God!

Thank you God.
Those 3 words are really prayer enough.
Thank you God!
Thank you for listening to us,
for hearing us,
for blessing us,
for seeing us,
for holding us,
for loving us,
for forgiving us.
Thank you God!