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Thoughtful Tuesday … coming to you on Thursday
The 12 Days of Christmas come starting Christmas Day and last through Epiphany,
the day when the Magi are said to have visited Jesus.
And there are a couple of baby Jesus stories that we never read,
including the one that is captured in the image:
Matthew 2:14-21
We usually think the story ends with the Magi visiting
(we’ll get that story next week)
and move quickly on to Jesus’ baptism
(we’ll get that 1/13).
But first there’s the story where Jesus, along with his mom and dad,
are refugees fleeing to Egypt for safety.
Our faith story reminds us that God
is with us in our fears,
in our times of doubt and
in our trials.
We celebrate that we are not alone, at Christmas,
in the New Year, or ever.

Eternal God,
you call us to ventures,
of which we cannot see the ending,
by paths as yet untrodden,
through perils unknown.

Give us faith
to go out with courage, not knowing
where we go but only that your hand
is leading us,
and your love supporting us.

Written by Eric Milner White, posted originally here