University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
July 8, 2018


Cover 7-8


Scripture Readings
Genesis 1:26-28
Philippians 2:1-8
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This week…

“God created humanity in God’s own image…” (Genesis 1:27a)

Creation of humans should not be seen as separate from other elements of creation.
Rather, God created human beings as a part of an overall plan
that included stars and rivers, animals and trees, nighttime and day, as well as people.
We are intrinsically part of God’s world. We are called to be God-like in our care for creation.
As God cares for even the minute details, so are we called to care for each thing, large and small.

How have you lived your life – as a ruler of creation or a compassionate servant?

Creator God, we want to know more about your design and dream
for us to provide for that which you have left in our care.
Refine our definition of humility and dominion
so we may do what you have created us to do.