University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Focus Scriptures:
Matthew 5:13
Isaiah 9:1-7
What tastes come to mind when you think about Christmas?
Maybe it’s gingerbread. Or sugar cookies. Or roast beef. Or candy canes.
Maybe it’s eggnog. Or fruitcake. Or the Christmas goose.

But for a feast that first Christmas, when Jesus was born,
instead of goose there might have been hummus.
Instead of fruitcake, probably figs.
Instead of gingerbread, perhaps pita bread.
And instead of eggnog, likely wine.

This Advent, as we prepare for the birth of the Christ child,
savor each flavor of the season.
Take in the tastes of the season.


May the spirit of giving,
go on throughout the year,
bringing love, laughter,
hope, and good cheer.
Gifts wrapped with chairty,
joy, peace, and grace,
ribboned with happiness,
a tender embrace.
Prayer written by Normal Woodbridge