UCUC is a church that welcomes children and encourages children to be children!


Most Sundays, around the middle of our worship service, children are led to Sunday school where they have fun while learning about God and community.


And when those times occur, the Baptism of a child is warm and understandable and comfortable for the young!

We strive to teach our children about Loving God by

  • introducing Sunday school to young children
  • teaching children that God loves them, Jesus loves them and we love them
  • giving children the experience of belonging at church


We do this with Bible stories, Bible-related crafts, movement activities and music.

We guide our children as they are Learning About God by

  • teaching children about God and Jesus through parables and stories in the Bible
  • sharing ways to concretely express how they can live their lives based on Jesus’ teachings
  • strengthening their self image as children of God who are loved by God
  • helping them to learn that they can talk to God easily


We do this  by learning familiar Bible verses; hearing clear, simple stories from the Bible and praying

Sunday School 2016-2017

We have 4 age groups of Sunday School. Parents/guardians are welcome to find out more about our Sunday School program by emailing our Children’s Ministry Coordinator Catherine at And, while these are the suggested age breakout groups, parents/guardians are welcome to make special recommendations to best accommodate their children (i.e. wanting to keep siblings together or apart, etc.).

  • Ages 3 through Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-2
  • Grades 3-5
  • Grades 6-12

Each of these groups is taught by a team of 4 teachers who use a curriculum called Seasons of the Spirit. Through stories, activities, and crafts our young people learn the stories of faith and how they might grow in faith too.