UnbelievableBookCoverGrowing Spirit Book Discussion Group  Wednesday, March 27,   4:30-6pm Church Library  

“Unbelievable: Why Neither Ancient Creeds Nor the Reformation Can Produce a Living Faith Today”  by John Shelby Spong

To keep Christianity vital, Spong urges modern Christians to update their faith in light of advances in our knowledge, and to challenge the rigid and problematic Church teachings that emerged with the Reformation.  He argues there is a disconnect between the language of traditional worship and the language of the twenty-first century.  Bridging this divide requires us to rethink and reformulate our basic understanding of God. With its revolutionary resistance to the authority of the Church in the sixteenth century, Spong sees in Luther’s movement a model for today’s discontented Christians.  If fact, the questions they raise resonate with those contemplated by our ancestors.  Does the idea of God still have meaning?  Can we still follow historic creeds with integrity?  Are not such claims as an infallible Pope or an inerrant Bible ridiculous in today’s world? In “Unbelievable”, Spong outlines twelve “theses” to help today’s believers more deeply contemplate and reshape their faith.  As an educator, clergyman, and writer who has devoted his life to his faith, Spong has enlightened Christians and challenged them to explore their beliefs in new and meaningful ways.  In this, his final book, he continues that rigorous tradition, once again offering a revisionist approach that strengthens Christianity and secures its relevance for generations to come.

All are welcome to come and join the discussion even if you have not yet read the book.