University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
July 22, 2018

Cover 7-22

Scripture Reading
Isaiah 65:17-25
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This week…

God is always creating things anew. Even as one thing dies, another comes to life.
As plant and animals return to the earth, they nurture the growth of new beings.
In this kind of world, how can we do anything but rejoice?
Indeed, the prophet Isaiah declares how wonderful life can be in God’s new world.
When we remember our place in Creation, and how we can support one another,
life on God’s “holy mountain” – this planet – becomes wonderful beyond our imagination.
Even the wolf and lion will lie down together!
What are the dreams you have for creation?

Take a drive and find a mountain to stare at.
Imagine God doing a new thing.
What do you see?

Holy One, you lift us up from low places and help us see more than we could see on our own.
Free us from hopelessness.
Rescue us from apathy.
Inspire us with your vision of a time when abundant life will spill into every part of Earth,
when justice flows down like a waterfall,
and where new life takes the place of the things which no longer serve.